This page features the podcast How to Buy Artwork Fearlessly with Certainty by abstract surrealist artist and art business owner Scott J. Menaul. Episode notes appear below. The podcast can also be heard on iTunes. This page is the landing page for our domain www.howtobuyartwork.com.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or topics of interest. Feel free to email Scott at scott@menaul-art.com or call him at 727-726-7411.

Episode Notes:

Episode 6: “An Interview with Plasma Metal Artist Kate Gausche”

In today’s episode we welcome plasma metal artist Kate Gausche of St. Petersburg, Florida. Welcome to the show Kate. I’ve known you for many years as a graphic designer and in recent years as a plasma metal artist. When did you first start creating Art? What motivates you to create Art? Is [...]

Episode#5: “Who is this Podcast for and Why Have I created it?”

I decided to give a little more information on who this podcast is created for and why I created it. It’s for people who have reached the point of frustration in finding artwork for their home or business. After showing at outdoor art festivals for over ten years and talking with literally [...]

Episode#4: “Determining the Right Size for Artwork”

The size of the artwork is one of the five basic things to consider that I spoke about in Episode One. Too small or too large can make the area feel awkward. Artwork should make you and your visitors feel comfortable. When you see the right size for the art piece on [...]

Episode#3: “Selecting Artwork Using Color”

As mentioned in Episode 1, some people buy artwork because they simply love the piece and don’t care whether it coordinates with the rest of the room. This is ok. Things don’t have to coordinate if it makes you happy. Some dissonance due to lack of color coordination can actually work effectively [...]

Episode#1: “Five Things to Consider When Buying Artwork”

This is the first episode of this podcast and I am very excited to share with you what I have learned as an artist selling my own artwork, as an owner of a fine art print studio and as an owner of a picture framing company. Buying artwork can be a bit [...]

Episode#2: “Where to Buy Artwork”

Before investing hours looking on the internet or driving to galleries looking for artwork, one should first consider their goals and budget. Are you willing to spend some real money to get something unique and extraordinary that you and everyone else can be excited about? Or are you simply trying to put [...]