I started a podcast called “How to Buy Artwork Fearlessly with Certainty.”

Having met millions of art buyers as an artist at countless art festivals over a ten year period, I have found that people struggle with finding the artwork that they like that also looks good on their wall. The size, color and style needs to coordinate with the room décor in addition to being something liked or loved.

Many people are intimidated in buying artwork since they are not interior designers and have not studied art. To help art buyers, I have created a podcast that people can listen to while commuting, exercising, waiting, etc. to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to make the process much easier and more successful.

For those of you that are new to podcasting, a podcast is like an internet radio show with recorded episodes that can be downloaded to computers, smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices. Podcasts typically address a very specific niche which attract an audience that is interested in that topic. You can learn a great deal from podcasts and listen to them at your convenience. Podcasts can be found at the iTunes store and many other places.

My first episode is now available on iTunes and other outlets through web syndication. To listen, go to iTunes and search for “Menaul” or “How to Buy Artwork” and you will see the first episode: Five Things to Consider When Buying Artwork.” You can also listen to my first episode and future episodes on this website at http://www.menaul-art.com/podcast/.