Can you believe it? My website got hacked. Why? Not so nice people send “bots” checking around the world for IP addresses for web sites that are vulnerable to hacking. Why do they do this? 1) To see if they can do it. 2) They take your server storage space to store things for their own nefarious purposes.

When you get hacked, it’s quite upsetting. You think that it is a premeditated attack. Then you talk to the security professionals and find out that it is very common, happens all the time and you have to protect yourself actively to prevent it.

The only thing that really happened to us was that there were some added files to our hosted directory that alerted our hosting company to warn people that the site was hacked. We removed the added files, but the security could not be guaranteed; so we moved the hosting to another server and rebuilt the entire site.

If you have a WordPress web site, you need to do the updates that come out frequently. These updates are made to prevent hackers from getting in. I neglected to do each and every update because the last one reformatted my entire site! I hadn’t finished recovering from that update, missed the next updates and then got hacked.

It’s very unfortunate that we have to deal with this, but we do. We are very close to getting the site fully back up with improvements. Thank you for your patience during this time.