I decided to give a little more information on who this podcast is created for and why I created it.

It’s for people who have reached the point of frustration in finding artwork for their home or business.

After showing at outdoor art festivals for over ten years and talking with literally millions of art buyers, I know the challenges that people face in decorating with artwork.

Typically, they already have a color scheme and style in their décor and have specific spaces where the artwork needs to fit or cover. The needed color scheme, style and size have already been set. Add to that, finding something that you love, or like, the options become quite limited.

If that’s not enough, people looking for and buying art are usually not interior designers, nor are they trained in the field of art.

No wonder people are afraid and uncertain when it comes to finding and making a purchase. They are afraid of making a mistake and being criticized by friends, family and co-workers.

Through my experience as an artist selling my own artwork, installing artwork in hundreds of homes and businesses, and as an owner of a fine art printing studio and custom picture framing store, I know all the problems and solutions. I can share with you the knowledge and tools find the artwork you need and make the right decisions.

Listen to the podcast and you too can buy artwork fearlessly with certainty.