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“Shattered Purple” Becoming Popular Among Art Buyers

"Shattered Purple" is becoming one of my most popular limited edition canvases with orders coming in through Wayfair, Amazon and my own website. This piece was created in my shattered style with a spot of purple. The first version was with a spot of blue. I have also done it with spots of green or red. If you are in [...]

“Two Worlds…Black & White” Art Show September 23rd, 2016

The exhibit features new works of art by Mr. Menaul that explore minimalist geometric abstractions in black and white on canvas. In contrast is the work of the Dutertre’s fine art photographs that feature dreamy soft focus sepia toned landscapes and human ghost-like figures which conjure up deep emotions from within. The artwork will be on display in an alternating [...]

“Abstract Rings #2” Canvas Artwork

Here's the second piece in my new collection of abstract artwork I'm creating. This collection is all about simplicity. Why the new collection in this style? Simplicity can be very sophisticated looking. It can go anywhere. Simplicity has a universal appeal. Simplicity can be refreshing when the world seems complex and overwhelming. It's therapeutic. The first several pieces in the [...]

“Menaul Fine Art” on the Radio with Jamie Meloni

Jerri and I were interviewed on the radio by Jamie Meloni on "That Business Show" the past Tuesday in Tampa, FL. We presented ourselves as "My Favorite Art Place," the umbrella name for the various art companies that we own and operate. Although it was broadcast on AM radio, the studio had multiple video cameras to record each person talking for [...]